Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are quite of few great bakeries in Holmes county, in Ohio. In time I will talk about all of them, just give me some time.

The first bakery, I want to talk about is the one on highway 39, not too far from Nashville, oh. It is the kountry Corner bakery, and it is about 100 yards from the bp station. They are amish bakers that present very good baked goods 6 day out of the week. The day off is sunday. They also have been known to be closed for weddings and funerals, but that is rare. If that does happen, they put some stuff and the bp station.

The baked goods are extremely yummy and your have a great selection to pick from. They have great cookies, pies, buns, bread, and these just so perfect sticky buns.

One word of advice, dont show up too early or too late. They bake every day, so the food might not be ready. If you show up too late there might not be nothing for you.

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