Saturday, September 26, 2009


This place is actually in Kidron Ohio. It has a large variety of goods that you can buy. Almost anything you want to buy that is non electric, can be purchased in the store.

I will give you a quick warning. Because this place does cater to the tourist, sometimes the prices can be a little higher. I would suggest you know what you want to buy and pay, before going there. Then you will do all right in buying something.

add on: I just want to let you know why the prices are sometimes higher. Lehmans does strive to put the best merchandise in their store. This means they don't buy mass produced products, and of course this brings a higher price. If you want to support the smaller business that prodvide many jobs. This is the place to go.



  1. Kevin - Thanks for giving us an honest review of our store. I know you spoke from your heart and I appreciate your candidness. I was very interested in your impression and I'm eager to talk with you about it.

    You said that you thought we catered to tourists. Although it's true that we have a lot of visitors from other towns, taking care of tourists has never been our main goal. Yes, we reconstructed a beautiful store out of five century-old buildings. And, it's true that we sell pop, candy, hot dogs and postcards. Folks have to have fun, after all!

    But, our main product line is unerringly and single-mindedly aimed at folks who love rural living and especially those with little or no electricity. That's why we have butter churns, grain mills, wood cookstoves, hand water pumps, oil lamps and hand-cranked washing machines. Serving country folks is why we exist.

    I was also interested in what you said about our pricing. I spend time every month making sure our prices are fair. No supplier (not even Walmart) is "always lower" no matter what they claim and I won't pretend that we are always lower, either. But, so far, I haven't found any competitor with the same products that is consistently cheaper. The key word is "SAME".

    I have found Chinese versions of US-made products we carry that might be available for less. I've also found cheap mass-produced versions of some of the handmade items we carry. We try hard to take care of the folks that work here, believing that as a result we can offer better service than most other retailers.

    Did you find items where an identical product was available at a lower price from another full service retailer? I am committed to fair pricing and will adjust our prices to match.

    We have two simple goals: 1) Provide high quality products to folks who live in the country or wish they did. 2) Help folks who have no electricity or don't trust their supply of electricity.

    Thanks again for your review. If you're ever in the store, don't hesitate to ask for me. If I'm around I'd love to meet you!

  2. I bought an Aladdin lamp at Lehmans. It's a beautiful treasure with delicate blue flowers. It's the highest priced lamp I have, but it's worth every penny. It lights an entire room, gives a nice, even light, and adds heat in the winter.

    I was debating the price, and whether to buy it. I decided my decision would be based on availability of parts and ease of operation. I asked a sales person. Not only did this wonderful woman take a great deal of time answering me, she showed me how to light it, change the mantle, and gave me many hints. I think of her often.

    I love Lehmans. It's a wonderful store, and they are blessed to have quality workers and products. I also love my lamp, as does my grand daughter, who will some day inherit the lamp that has shared many story books with us. Some things are hard to put a true value on.

  3. I had to think about what you said about your pricing. I do believe you are right about mass produced merchandise from over seas. The prices that appear to be higher are because of the mass produced products. Yes prices might seem to be higher, but the products are supporting americans. I am going to add that to the blog.

    God bless.